Smile Consultation

Let us help you get started with your All On 4 Plus® treatment.

Meet with your All On 4 Plus® Implant Surgeon and start discussing your new smile.

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Meet with your All On 4 Plus® team and your implant surgeon and start discussing your new smile. In order to fully explore your options and assess your suitability for All-On-4 Plus® dental implants we will need to obtain certain x-rays, including a 3-D CT scan. These x-rays are available on site at most of our clinic locations and can be done on the day of your consultation.

After your consultation we will allocate a treatment co-ordinator who will be your direct point of contact and responsible for making all the necessary arrangements for you throughout the treatment process, including accommodation if you are not local.

Once a date is set, the treatment coordinator will provide you will all the information, prescriptions and special tests (as required) in advance of your treatment.

Your dentist will take pictures and impressions so that we can digitise and design your new smile in advance of your surgery This is your chance to tell us what you like, and explore the different options of colour, shape and size of teeth.

Your surgery will be performed by one or more of All-On-4 Plus® Centres senior implant surgeons who are specially trained and posses a great deal of experience with implant procedures as well as smile design.

After spending a short time in recovery we will do a try in of printed templates of the teeth that we designed for you in advance. In most cases you can go home with those teeth.

You come back the very next day, or within 3 days depending on your swelling and preference of your surgeon, and we will fit your final teeth for you to start enjoying immediately.

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  • Consultation with an All On 4 Plus® team member and your implant surgeon
  • X-Rays & 3-D CT scan Included


Standard Consultation

Please Note: all cancellations need to be made 24 hours prior to appointment or else a fee may be charged

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