All On 4 Plus® Essentials

Next generation treatment and system unique to All-On-4 Plus® Centres

Other than the installation of four implants, All-On-4 Plus® includes some basic essentials in every case as required, which makes a big difference to the end result:

  1. 1
    Reshaping of the Jawbone and Gum Surgery
  2. 2
    Precise Implant Positioning using All-On-4 Plus®protocols.
  3. 3
    Immediate FINAL Teeth

1 Reshaping of the Jawbone and Gum Surgery

During the surgical installation of the implants, the gums are levelled by reshaping the uneven or irregular parts of the underlying bone. This creates a flat gum interface which helps to simplify the cleaning and maintenance over time.

DSC 5131

Controlling Gum Shrinkage

During the surgical installation of the implants, the gums are levelled by reshaping the uneven or irregular parts of the underlying bone. This creates a flat gum interface which helps to simplify the cleaning and maintenance over time.

DSC 5198 2

Creating Space for an Optimal Design

The gum and bone surgery also creates space to incorporate the gum component in the design of the prosthesis and provides flexibility in the arrangement of the teeth for an optimal choreography of your smile and a more durable restoration.

Questions about Reshaping of the Jawbone and Gum Surgery

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Do all All On 4 Plus® cases require re-shaping of the Jawbone and gum surgery?

Generally speaking the reshaping of the jaw bone is required in the vast majority of cases as part of the surgical preparation in order to (i) to ensure correct positioning of the implants and (ii) create restorative space to enable to most optimal design of the restoration. Not only does this procedure help improve the biostability, it enables placement of dental implants in better quality bone and the improved design of the restoration means improved aesthetics, cleanability, durability and success.

Does the reshaping of jawbone and gum surgery cost extra?

These procedures form an integral and essential part of All On 4 Plus® treatment and are included within the cost of the treatment.

Before and after one
Before and after four
DSC 3344

2 Precise Implant Positioning using All-On-4 Centres protocols.

Using digital planning and predictable surgical methods we aim to ensure that the implants are accurately positioned and well spaced.

This helps improve function, comfort, speech, as well as hygiene.

Common Questions about Precise Implant Positioning

What happens if the implants are not positioned correctly?

Dental implants procedures can be done in different ways, some of which may be problematic. In fact because implants are permanent, one of the biggest issues is that problems are not simple to fix and can lead to significant complications if the implants are not placed correctly.

Our exclusive use of All-On-4 Plus® helps patients distinguish our systems and standards from the alternatives.

Can the position of the implants be changed if not ideal?

There are ways to make some corrections to the dental implants positions by fitting angle-correcting abutments to the fixtures. However this only provides a minimal correction to the angulation but not to the depth or special position. If the implant depth is inadequate or there is not enough restorative space for a well contoured restoration, the positions of the implants in such cases cannot be altered an can lead to issues with cleaning, comfort and aesthetics.

I have existing dental implants, can they be used for All on 4 Plus®?

This is a common dilemma that we face when a patient has existing dental implants. Typically such implants were placed to replace a single tooth, and as such they are placed at a shallow depth to be within the envelope of the natural gum.

Once more teeth are lost and All On 4 Plus® treatment becomes the preferred option, the jawbone needs to be levelled during surgery in order to provide a hygienic interface, and the depth of the implants is greater that it would be for individual dental implants. As such it is often not possible to utilise existing shallow implants without compromising the result.

The other consideration, other than the health of the existing dental implants, is the brand and model. If the brand or model is not one that is endorsed or used by your dentist, then even if such existing implants could be retained the maintenance would become more onerous and potentially more expensive.

3 Immediate FINAL Teeth

All-On-4 Plus® Immediate Final Teeth™ system have a custom-milled titanium frame with a microscopic precision fit offering superior strength and durability, and the teeth are finished to the highest standard. Other than looking amazing within 24 hours, the finished smooth interface dramatically improves the healing of the gums and prevents shrinkage.

The custom-milled titanium frame connects the implants to each other to work in a group to dissipate functional loads and protect individual implants during the initial healing process when the implants are most vulnerable, and beyond.

Once there is a strong substructure in place, making changes to the actual teeth at any time after healing is not only possible, but also straightforward.

All-On-4 Centre was world-first to introduce its Immediate Final Teeth system powered by:

  1. 1
    Surgical techiques to reduce or eliminate tissue shrinkage over time
  2. 2
    Digital design and restorative processes to ensure instant optimal aesthetics
  3. 3
    In-mouth fine-tunning after surgery before commencing production
  4. 4
    Titanium milling facilities to create a precise, rigid and durable titanium frame within the prosthetic structure within 24 hours
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