All On 4 Plus®

The next generation treatment and system unique to All On 4 Plus® Centres

All On 4 Plus® is an indication-based approach taking into account various complexities and oral conditions that are individual to each patient and turning them into a set of immediate and definitive replacement teeth using a seemingly uncomplicated process.

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Dental Implants
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All On 4 Plus®

The term ‘ALL-ON-4 Plus®’ refers to the replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants which support them. The back implants are intentionally tilted in order to provide adequate support using less implants.

The technique evolved from traditional methods to overcome anatomical limitations and to simplify maintenance. With less harware there is also an improved flexibility in the design of the teeth for optimal function, strength and aesthetics.

The benefits of All On 4 Plus®

There are multiple benefits to the All On 4 Plus® dental implant method, including:

  • Permanent fixed, reliable alternative to loose dentures or deteriorated teeth.
  • Ability to eat foods such as apples, steak and other hard foods.
  • Immediate teeth that are FINAL and cleanable
  • Solutions for poor or thin jawbone
  • Get Your New Teeth In Just 1-2 Days
  • Your entire treatment & laboratory in one place
  • Affordable long term Zirconia-Porcelain options

Who should consider Dental Implants?

In general, All-On-4 Plus® implants are a good option if you are missing several teeth or you have extensive decay, gum disease, or fractures in your existing teeth. If you only want to replace one or two teeth and your remaining teeth are in good condition, individual implants will usually be a better option.

All-On-4 Plus® dental implants may not be appropriate for every patient or every situation. Our experts will assess your condition and general health and provide you with various options. In terms of suitability, the advanced methods we use and customisation mean that most patients would be able to have a fixed alternative to dentures or broken down teeth. in other words, All-On-4 Plus® is suitable for most patients who seek it.

Common Inidications
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Results achieved only by the leading experts.

Headed by Dr Alex Fibishenko creator of the All On 4 Plus® method, The clinicians at All-On-4 Plus are carefully selected for their skills and expertise as well as their ethics and values, which must align with the philosophy of All-On-4 Plus®.

Meet our Implant Experts
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Amazing Transformations!

All On 4 Plus® offers a clean canvas and flexibility to design the smile you've always wanted. The techniques used by the team at All On 4 Plus® Centres only come after decades of training and thousands of cases. By choosing an All On 4 Plus® Centre you know you are getting the best possible care and an authentic product.

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"I was told my bone quality is too poor for dental implants...but they were wrong!"

In highly compromised cases where the bone quality is poor or its structure/volume limited, our implant surgeons are able to use one or more additional procedures in order to provide you with fixed teeth and improve the prospects of success and longevity.

All On 4 Plus® Add-Ons
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Innovation that creates realistic smiles.

All On 4 Plus® Immediate Final Teeth™ system have a custom-milled titanium frame with a microscopic precision fit offering superior strength and durability, and the teeth are finished to the highest standard. Other than looking amazing within 24 hours, the finished smooth interface dramatically improves the healing of the gums and prevents shrinkage.

Immediate Final Teeth™

Real Patients, Real Results!

Happiness Begins with a smile™

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Is All On 4 Plus® surgery painful?

Personal experiences differ from person to person but typically pain is not a common complaint. In fact most patients reposrt that they have not taken the pain medication that we prescribed. Most procedures are done under a general anaesthetic, so you are completely asleep, but we still use a local anaesthetic to completely numb your entire jaw to reduce the chances of post operative pain. It's normal to feel some discomfort while you're recovering, but over-the-counter pain medication is usually enough to keep you comfortable.

How long will my All On 4 Plus® Implant procedure take?

The time it takes to complete the implant surgery depends on several factors, including your existing teeth and jawbone condition. The entire process usually takes between one and three hours.

Will All On 4 Plus® Implants look natural?

Yes, absolutely, as natural or as perfect as you like. All on 4 Plus® dental implants are customised to your mouth, face and take into account your desires. The teeth can be made in a variety of shades and styles, and the nature of this treatment is such that we have no obstacles to design and create the smile you've always dreamed of.

How does All On 4 Plus®Compare to Individual Dental Implants?

Individual dental implants are routinely and successfully used to replace individual teeth or a small segments of missing teeth (implant bridge). However, when many teeth are damaged or missing, the gumline recedes along with the underlying bone, which can lead to the appearance of dark spaces between individual implants and asymmetry. If individual implants are considered for the replacement of a full set of teeth then more implants are required (because they are not connected to each other in a group) which can become very costly very quickly, but more importantly it can make the cleaning more complicated, which can result in infections, further bone loss and poor aesthetics.

Whereas All On 4 Plus® is the replacement of all teeth on four supporting dental implants. The gums are replaced as part of the bridge and is not susceptible to recession. It offers great design in the design of the prosthesis and it is simple to make changes. It incorporates gum leveling and grafting procedures to help further improve biostability and since there are only four supports, cleaning is simple.

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