All On 4 Plus® Treatment Stages

Next generation treatment and system unique to All-On-4 Plus® Centres

All On 4 Plus® involves the use of advanced techniques and technologies to produce Immediate Final Teeth, and control the outcome of implant therapy with hygienic interfaces, reduced bulk, and durable final restoration with a milled titanium frame inserted within 24 hours from implant surgery.

Step 1


In order to fully explore your options and assess your suitability for All-On-4 Plus ® dental implants we will need to obtain certain x-rays, including a 3-D CT scan. These x-rays are available on site at most of our clinic locations and can be done on the day of your consultation.

After exploring your options, risks and benefits, if All-On-4 Plus® is suitable and your treatment of choice, we will provide you with a detailed treatment proposal and quote to consider and discuss with your partner and/or family.

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Step 2

Treatment Coordinator and Design

After your consultation we will allocate a treatment co-ordinator who will be your direct point of contact and responsible for making all the necessary arrangements for you throughout the treatment process, including accommodation if you are not local.

The treatment coordinator will provide you will all the information, prescriptions and special tests (as required) in advance of your treatment.

Work-Up and Digital Smile Design

Once a date is set, you will need an appointment for pictures and impressions so that we can digitise and design your new smile in advance of your surgery

You get to choose the colour and shape of your new teeth, or may decide to leave it up to the experts for the most natural aesthetic result.

The 3-D x-rays are then used along with the digital smile design to plan your surgery and determine the most optimal positions for the implants.

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Step 3

Surgery & Same-day try-in

Implant Surgery

Your surgery will be performed by one or more of All-On-4 Clinic’s senior implant surgeons who are specially trained and posses a great deal of experience with implant procedures as well as smile design.

Following extraction of teeth (if any), the jaw bone is re-shaped and the implants are carefully positioned according to a pre-determined plan. The wounds are then closed with dissolvable sutures and impressions of the implants are taken for the next stage.

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General Anaesthetic

Your surgery will typically be undertaken while you are asleep under General Anaesthetic, or using sedation, depending on your preference and the surgeon’s recommedation.

All General Anaesthetic procedures are undertaken by qualified specialist Anaesthetists with the support of trained anaesthetic assistants.

All-On-4 Clinic’s standard of care includes the use of Brain Wave Monitors where appropriate, and other sophisticated equipment to allow accurate gauging of the depth of your sleep throughout your treatment, and to ensure precise and efficient delivery of the anaesthetic with the quickest possible recovery and reduced post operative side effects.

Anaesthetic image

Same day try-in

The laboratory uses digital modelling to set up a template of the proposed teeth so as to test the digital design in real life in your mouth within hours from your surgery. Any necessary adjustments are made as required with your input. You get to see what your teeth look like before we send it to our Australian-made production facility.

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Step 4

The Big Reveal

The next day reveal is often emotional, for you and for us, so bring some tissues. We are proud of all our amazing transformations, and look forward to seeing you smile and becoming a part of our legacy.

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