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Dr Hillel Martin New established the Cosmetic Dental & Implant Centre in 1994 in Malvern Victoria, its original name being ‘101 Dental Clinic’. The change of name and direction occurred early in 2001 following Dr New’s realisation that there was a void in the general dental market for a centre that offered comprehensive evidence based dental treatment. What occurred then was nothing short of remarkable, a dental practice was established where patients could be treated with various disciplines of dentistry under one roof including implant supported restorations.

The Cosmetic Dental and Implant Centre’s treatment philosophies are simple. It believe in a conservative approach to managing dental problems ……if teeth can be saved, that what the Centre’s practitioners endeavour to do. Above all, Dr New’s attitude to patients is to treat them as though they are part of his family, that way patients are always offered what he truly believes is best. Hillel, whenever possible likes to suggest a variety of treatment options, giving his patients choices. He takes care in explaining the advantages, disadvantages, benefits, risks, fees etc. of each option and he then commits to supporting his patient’s decisions, carrying out the necessary work to the very best of his ability.

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The Cosmetic Dental and Implant Centre has a Hygiene Department that operates every day. The role of the Oral Health Therapist – Dental Hygienist in treating patients at the Centre is paramount to the long-term success of each and every case and cannot be overstated. Having healthy gums and a mouth free of active disease will almost always result in better treatment outcomes. Following successful treatment, the role of the Dental Hygienists is to educate, direct and manage patients in specific and personalised home care regimes. Patient’s oral hygiene needs are assessed and a recall period established. Regular return of patients to the Cosmetic Dental and Implant Centre also enables the hygienists or dentists to identify early stage problems and rectify them before they become significant and affect long-term treatment success.

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