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Plan Zero

PlanZERO® is a repayments program to help patients fund dental treatment at member clinics. A contract is drawn between the patient and the specific member clinic, and it is secured by a residential property to guarantee the repayments. Unlike financial institutions, there is no interest whatsoever, and as it is administered directly by the clinic there is more flexibility for the repayments.

A ZERO-cost and ZERO-interest loan/finance option popular with patients who have equity in a residential property that can be used as security.

• Suitable for patients with a residential property that can be used as security

• Loan of up to 50% of the value of dental treatment, excluding anaesthetic

• Subject to charge over the property until fully repaid

• Minimum repayment $750 per month

• Maximum term 3 years

• Completely interest-FREE

• No hidden fees

• Subject to timely repayments