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The content within any of the ORGANISATION’s websites, advertisments, videos or any other published material is for general information and must not be construed as professional advice. Such advice may only be provided in a face-to-face consultation, following a comprehensive examination and/or diagnostic procedures as may be required, and carried out by appropriately qualified professionals. 

All information provided in any form by Our staff and representatives, or displayed in Our advertisements, including (without limitation) references to procedures, results of treatment, timing of treatment and estimates of costs, is always subject to a comprehensive assessment by an appropriately qualified professional. Tests as may be required, and in some cases may also depend on additional assessment/s by a medical practitioner or specialist at an associated cost and timeframe. Treatment options, risks and results can and do vary from person to person. 

Pictures, videos and other graphical representations

Any before and/or after pictures and/or videos and/or other graphical representations are examples only and You should not rely on them as an accurate representation of what may be achieved for You. Results and outcomes do vary from patient to patient.

Pictures or videos may not be an accurate comparison due to differences in composition, different hair and the presence of make-up and lipstick. 

Statements & References

Any references as to the impact of a treatment (including but not limited to cosmetic, medical, dental or surgical procedures) on the life, function, comfort or beauty of a person are examples or subjective opinions that may have been based on the experience of some or most patients. Such references should not be generalized and You should not consider such references as being accurate representations or predictions of the effects or results of such or similar treatments provided to You, or of what Our clinicians might advocate for Your individual circumstances, concerns or desires. 

Any references to the terms ‘Cosmetic Consultant’, Cosmetic Doctor’, 'Implantologist', ‘Implant Surgeon’, ‘Implant Dentist’, or references to exclusivity or specialization in specific procedures or areas of practice, stated or implied, are descriptive of types of services offered by qualified practitioners who have had post graduate training or special interest in a specific area, or they may be only indicative of a practitioner’s main area of practice. Such references do not represent any type of specialist registration in these areas as there are often no licensable specialty specific to these areas of practice, for example there is no licensable specialty in Australia that is dedicated to Dental Implants. 

Any references to immediate or quick results are subject to suitability and must not be taken literally as being an accurate representations or predictions of the timeframe of such or similar products, treatments or other services when provided to You.

Any references to permanency or longevity are subject to factors that are individual for each patient and must not be taken literally as being an accurate representations or predictions of the permanency or longevity of such or similar products or treatments when provided to You.

Any reference to Sedation or General Anaesthetic are subject to assessment of your fitness to undergo such procedures.  Sedation or General Anaesthetic may not be suitable or available for all patients who request it. 

Unless otherwise stated, any reference to a “Session” is defined as a time period of a maximum of 25 minutes for a single Treatment Area below the neck and a maximum of 15 minutes for a single Treatment Area of the neck and above. Unless otherwise stated, a Treatment Area is specifically defined as a single area measuring a maximum of 10cmx10cm.

Whilst every effort is taken at your consultation to provide You with a definitive plan and/or appropriate recommendations, there may be situations during your course of treatment which require modification to that plan, preclude the ability to achieve immediate results, or require additional treatment. Your plan may also need modification depending on your progress and healing. These may affect the stated timeframe, results and overall cost to you.

Any fees or prices displayed in this Website are indicative only. The ORGANISATION and its affiliates reserve the right to change fees at any time and without notice, and do not guarantee the accuracy of any published fees at the time of attendance.

An appropriate itemised treatment plan and quotation often requires certain preliminary or diagnostic procedures which are at a cost that is additional to the cost of the consultation. In certain cases it may also require a team approach and consultation with certain other professionals at additional costs and resulting in a longer timeframe.

Individual discounts or special offers as published from time to time may not be combined with any other offer. Any valid discount or offer replaces all other existing offers/discounts for the same product or service. 

All offers, treatments and contact with users, clients and patients are subject to The ORGANISATION’s separate Terms and Conditions of Trade, which are available upon request, and which may change from time to time.

Validation of special offers & advertised prices or discounts

Discounts or offers will only be honoured upon presentation of the relevant advertisement upon arrival for the appointment and prior to the consultation. Any online offers may be validated through a dated screenshot or dated printout.

Any offer may be cancelled or changed without notice, and it is the client’s responsibility to enquire about the validity of the offer at the time of making the relevant appointment.

Eligibility for any extended terms, whether advertised or otherwise represented, are subject to an internal and external approval process. The ORGANISATION reserves the right to refuse finance or extended payment terms to any patient.

All treatments or services specified within a package or bundle must be completed within the specified time-frame, or within 18 months from commencement of the package, whichever is the sooner, after which time the balance of treatments will be forfeited by the patient without any entitlement to a credit or refund;

The treatments or treatment areas specified within a package may not be suitable for all patients. Where possible, The ORGANISATION will replace any treatment that it deems not suitable for the patient with other required treatment that the patient requests, and which is of a similar value.

You may stop or discontinue any bundle or package at any time, but in doing so you will forfeit certain benefits as follows:

  • all discounts applied to the account in respect of both the package and the individual treatments within the package will be reversed; and,
  • the costs of all treatments received by the patient will be recalculated at the full standard or retail rate; and,
  • You will be liable for all outstanding amounts after the reversal of the discounts and recalculation of the individual treatments; and,
  • where the account is in credit, the credit may not be claimed as a refund, but may be used to pay for products and or services at the standard or full retail cost, and only at the branch that holds the credit. Credits may not be transferred between branches.

All payments are due in full on the day of treatment, or the day specified on an approved payment plans or extended terms, and within the time frame specified therein.

It is Your responsibility as the client or patient to ensure all payments to the ORGANISATION are cleared. Any payments that are late will be subject to the following:

  • all discounts applied to the account will be reversed; and,
  • You will be liable for all outstanding amounts after the reversal of the discounts; and,
  • where the account is in credit, the credit may not be claimed as a refund, but may be used to pay for products and or services at the standard or full retail cost, and only at the branch that holds the credit. Credits may not be transferred between branches.

A deposit or pre-payment may be required for certain costly, complex or lengthy procedures at the discretion of the ORGANISATION.

Deposits are non-refundable. You may apply to the ORGANISATION for a partial or full refund where no costs have been incurred by the ORGANISATION and You provided at least 24 hours notice for each 30 minutes of time reserved for you. Any loss of revenue or costs that have resulted from the cancellation will be deducted from the refund. 

Refunds of deposits are always at the sole discretion of the ORGANISATION.

Anaesthetic procedures are subject to additional fees, only a proportion of which may be claimed through Medicare. There is also a Facility Fee for the theatre use which cannot be claimed from Medicare or health fund. 

Health Fund, Medicare Rebates or any kind of a refund, rebate, or offset offered by any third party, including government organisations, are not guaranteed or underwritten in any way by the ORGANISATION. You should confirm your personal entitlements with the relevant agency. Financial responsibility for the Products, Treatments or Services provided to You by the ORGANISATION is with You at all times irrespective of your expected entitlements from such third parties. Liability for any legal, administration or collection costs also lies with You.

Failure to attend an appointment or short notice cancellation of less than 24 hours for each 30 minutes of time reserved for You will result in a Cancellation Fee. The Cancellation Fee is a minimum of $100 for each 30 minutes of time reserved plus any costs that have been incurred in relation to your appointment or treatment.

The Cancellation Fee is payable within 7 days, otherwise You will also be liable for all legal, administration or collection costs.

We are committed to providing our patients with individual attention and predictable results whilst maintaining the highest standard. Nonetheless, we strive to remain competitive when it comes to the cost of the treatments that we offer at our clinics, and to be leaders in terms of value. To that effect, if we come across a cheaper fee from similarly experienced clinicians who use the same techniques, materials, equipment and medicines, and who work to the same quality standards, we will not only match or beat that price, but will revisit our pricing structure entirely.

We know that we offer the most competitive price for the type of treatments that we offer because with multiple facilities across Australia, we can and do pass the savings from bulk purchases to our patients.

Price Matching: 

The ORGANISATION will match any competitors price provided that:

  • evidence of the competitors price is presented by the patient/client and validated by The ORGANISATION prior to the commencement of the treatment for which the price matching is claimed; and,
  • the competitors price is for the same treatment performed by similarly experienced clinicians who use the same techniques, materials, equipment and medicines, and who work to the same quality standards.

The products, services, procedures or treatments described in this website, advertised or represented in any other way, may not be suitable for every patient and results do vary from person to person. An assessment by one of Our qualified professionals is required before any individual recommendations can be provided. 

The ORGANISATION reserves the right to refuse any treatment that is deemed not suitable for You or any person requesting such treatment whether relying on the information contained in this Website or otherwise.

Every cosmetic, medical, dental and surgical procedure carries risks to the body, face, jaws and/or teeth and/or jaws, which must be carefully considered, and can also have a negative effect on Your general health, function, appearance or day- to-day activities. You should always seek a second opinion from other qualified professionals. Furthermore, procedural complications or unwanted effects may arise during the course of your treatment or use of Our products or services, which may require further treatment or hospitalisation, and which may affect the results, timeframe and overall cost to You.

Our clinician will explore your options and discuss your suitability and risks pertaining to any treatment or service that you choose to receive. 

General risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Post treatment discomfort, tenderness, swelling, redness, and/or bruising
  • Discoloration of the skin and/or increased pigmentation or depigmentation; 
  • Post treatment bacterial, and/or fungal infection and a remote risk that this may become blood-born and require hospitalisation;
  • Allergic reaction or reactivation of herpes (cold sores);
  • Lumpiness, scarring, visible yellow or white patches
  • Asymmetry or uneven appearance of the treated areas;
  • Double vision or impaired vision;
  • Nerve damage affecting movement and/or numbness

Risks specific to Dermal Fillers additionally include, but are not limited to lumpiness, granuloma formation, localized tissue necrosis and/or sloughing with or without scab, occlusion of a blood vessel, localized numbness, and/or blindness in extremely rare cases.

Risks specific to injections to reverse or dissolve dermal fillers include, but are not limited to unevenness and unpredictable or excessive removal of filler.

Risks specific to Threads additionally include, but are not limited to lumps and bumps, small concavities, gathering of the skin at the point of insertion, exposure or perforation through the skin, and bleeding.

Risks specific to Fat Dissolving Injections additionally include, but are not limited to Burning sensation and/or pain tenderness during or after treatment, noodle-like appearance which might be seen or felt and may require further treatment, severe bruising scarring or deep, painful knots under the skin.

Risks specific to Anti-Wrinkle or Botulinum Toxin Injections additionally include, but are not limited to unintended spread to adjacent muscles resulting in undesired temporary droopiness of lips or eyelids, weakened tear duct, flu-like symptoms, heaviness of the eyebrows, transient headache and localized numbness.

Risks specific to Radio-Frequency devices Injections additionally include, but are not limited to Erythema (redness) and/or Dryness, reduced thermal sensation, hypersensitive skin, or impaired blood flow, heat injury to the tissue surrounding a metal-containing IUD, although unlikely, skin burns or blisters may occur due to excessive exposure, and increased menstrual flow in women receiving treatment to the lower back, pelvic area or thighs.

Risks specific to Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light devices additionally include, but are not limited to redness, peeling, increased or loss of pigmentation of the skin, and dry or sensitive skin. There is also a risk to your eyes so it is critical that you wear and do not remove the fitted eye protection, and try to keep your eyes closed.

Risk of cancer: Certain lesions of the skin may be unassumingly cancerous or pre-cancerous. The type/nature of a mole may be difficult for the clinician to ascertain without a biopsy. Your recollection of the history of a mole can provide important information. If you have any raised or flat mole in the treatment area, which has changed in appearance/size; or, bleeds from time to time; or, looks like a sore that doesn’t heal, then you must bring this to the attention of your clinician immediately. The desirable effects of laser treatment in removing a pigmentated or raised lesion may also have the consequence of making the type/nature of a skin lesion more difficult to pick because of the visual or physiological changes that may occur to the mole / area.

Risks specific to Peri-oral surgery, including removal of Buccal Fat, additionally include, but are not limited to the following:

  • swelling and bruising that may typically last 7 days. In some cases some bruising and swelling may last longer;
  • Any surgery in and around the mouth, including removal of buccal fat pad, involves operating in proximity to vital structures, such as nerves, salivary ducts, glands, and blood vessels. Whilst your surgeon will take great care and precaution, some of the structures may not be readily visible and the surgery may result in nerve damage, haematoma (blood clot in deep tissues) or interference with salivary flow.  A Haematoma usually resolves with time as it is slowly removed by the body, but whilst present it may become infected requiring additional surgical or non-surgical intervention;
  • Nerve damage causing numbness or sensory changes to the skin or oral mucosa, or paralysis (lack of movement) of certain muscles of the face. These complications are rare and if they occur are usually of a transient nature, but occasionally they can also be prolonged or permanent;
  • Whilst all care is taken in to achieve a symmetrical outcome in removal of fat from the cheek, or with other surgery around the mouth, there may still be some resultant asymmetry. There may also be changes with age such as hollowing, or persistent scarring;
  • In rare cases, pain or other symptoms may continue beyond the post-operative healing phase.  This may be associated with complications of surgery, neuralgia, triggering of dormant pre-existing conditions, jaw joint dysfunction, grinding or clenching of the teeth, psychosomatic disturbances or other causes.

You should be aware that there may also be risks other than those mentioned in these Terms, as well as a risk of the unknown. Certain post treatment complications may require referral to other medical / dental specialists,   additional surgery or treatment at a suitable pain management clinic or additional surgery at additional costs to you.

Save and except for Statutory warranties, to the extent permitted by law the ORGANISATION or its directors, employees or agents provide no guarantees of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to a guarantee of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 

Any stated or implied guarantees are always those provided by third parties to the ORGANISATION, not directly to You, and are subject to additional terms and conditions. The ORGANISATION does not underwrite their performance in any way, and the third parties have no obligation to You in any way. 

Your attention is drawn to the fact that information transmitted via the Internet or via any form of Electronic Communication is susceptible to monitoring and interception. You will bear all risk of transmitting information in this manner. We are not liable for any Loss suffered by you, and You waive any claims You may have for any Losses You may suffer as a result of transmitting information to us in this manner. We reserve the right to request independent verification of any information transmitted via the Internet or via any form of Electronic Communication.

Please be aware that any unsolicited confidential or proprietary information sent to the ORGANISATION via the Internet or via any form of Electronic Communication cannot be guaranteed to remain confidential. If You need to send Us such information and are concerned about the security of this information, please contact Us and We will advise You of the most appropriate method of transmission.

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“User” and “You” means anyone who registers with and/or uses the Website (“Users” and “Your” have corresponding meanings);

“Website” means the website located at or accessed through the Website URL as well as other of the ORGANISATION’s domains as may be available from time to time, and a reference to Website includes all content (such as data files, written text, computer software, music, audio files or other sounds, photographs, videos or other images) which You may have access to through the use of the Website.

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