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All On 4 Plus® Premium Providers

An Informed Patient's Guide to All-On-4 Plus®

Premium Providers

Why Choose an All On 4 Plus®
Premium Provider?

The ’Plus’ Factor

We extend beyond the conventional replacement of "All teeth on 4 dental implants" by fitting immediate Final Teeth in 24 hours. This eliminates the typical 3-6 month wait for provisional teeth with patients receiving their teeth the day after surgery.

 Hand-picked clinicians and dedicated clinics

The clinics and the clinicians are hand-picked with the ultimate goal of providing treatment which is safe and predictable. The nation-wide network includes world-renowned educators and pioneers. Regardless of what your dental situation is, there is a team of experts to ensure you can access advanced treatment through your local All On 4 Plus® Premium Provider.

 Industry leaders and educators

We take pride in our role as industry leaders, engaging in education, international lectures, conferences, residency programs, and workshops for dentists and dental specialists in collaboration with leading implant manufacturers like Straumann.

Advanced Techniques and technologies

All On 4 Plus® differs from conventional protocols, incorporating innovative techniques like Zygomatic implants for individuals with insufficient bone. All On 4 Plus® system, available through trained surgeons at global our centres, redefines full-arch dental implant procedures, emphasising flexibility, safety, and immediate outcomes.  

Your entire treatment and laboratory in one place

We offer a comprehensive experience by integrating a cutting-edge laboratory within our dental facilities. This unique setup enables us to seamlessly combine treatment and lab work all under one roof. With our in-house laboratory, we prioritise convenience without compromising on the quality of care, providing a seamless approach to dental solutions.

Streamlined process with built in contingency

Our built-in contingency plan ensures a streamlined process, enabling us to swiftly adapt and address any unforeseen circumstances, maintaining efficiency and quality throughout. This unique setup enables us to seamlessly combine treatment and fabrication processes under one roof. Our expert team can craft and refine prosthetics or restorations on-site, ensuring precision and efficiency in your treatment journey.