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Cheaper and More Costly Alternatives to All On 4 Plus®

If you are not aware of the differences, you could certainly find this treatment advertised for less, but you can also spend twice the amount on similar treatments without the quality that you might expect by spending more.

If you are not aware of the differences, you could certainly find this treatment advertised for less, but you can also spend twice the amount on similar treatments without the quality that you might expect by spending more.

What is critical is the expertise of the surgeon and that the implants are positioned correctly in the first place, and once they are positioned, they need to be protected during healing. How we achieve this is by using sophisticated digital modeling to produce a custom-milled titanium frame that connects the implants to each other so that they work in a group.

All On 4 Plus was the first in the world to introduce the Immediate Final Teeth system as part of the All-On-4 Plus system, which has a strong and durable milled titanium frame. Using our system you often leave with teeth templates in your mouth, and you get your final teeth typically within 24 hours, which means that you don’t have to wear rough and uncomfortable temporary teeth for 3 months. I talked about that in detail in the prior episode.

Some dentists say that it can’t be done this quickly, but this is completely false if you have the right facilities, equipment, and surgeons. We have done thousands of cases with immediate final teeth completed within 24 hours. We have invested a great deal in our facilities and staff, and put systems in place to make the process as safe, painless, and as simple as it can be for the patient, but don’t confuse this with a simple surgery.

The surgery is technically complex and requires a skillful and experienced implant surgeon who is also skilled in smile design and can seamlessly integrate the aesthetic aims with the surgical plan.

The process of getting the teeth so quickly is also a sophisticated process that begins in the planning stage well before the surgery.

All On 4 Plus is exclusive to our licensed clinics, and includes a number of key elements that make a big difference not just to a patient’s journey, but also to the end result. It includes :
  • Reshaping of the bone and gum surgery – which is important for aesthetics and especially the appearance of the gums
  • Precise Implant Positioning using All On 4 Plus protocols – which is important for comfort and cleanability
  • Immediate FINAL teeth – which is important for success, and also makes the journey so much less tedious or demanding.

If the surgeon does not get the optimal angle, position or depth of the implants then there can be lifelong issues with the implants, issues with comfort, issues with cleaning, issues with infections and pain, and many more different kinds of issues.

The problem is that dental implants are not simple to undo, so it should be done only by experienced clinicians with a track record for getting these sorts of things right.

Unlike other kinds of treatment where if it doesn’t work you can just try something else, with full set dental implants if it doesn’t work the options become very limited because failure is often accompanied by extensive bone loss.

Below are some examples of the effects of botched dental implants treatments and the associated costs:


Brett needed extensive dental work. Being young and conscious of the costs he decided to go to Thailand and get the treatment. He spent close to $20,000 just on the top teeth and went through a painful process only to receive an ill-fitting denture.

Within 12 months he developed severe infections around his implants and pain from his dental implants (below)


‘It wreaked havoc on my life’, he said. As a result of damage from his surgery in Thailand Brett needed revision treatment. It was all fixed and completed at All On 4 Plus® Centre within 24 hours, but ended up being far more costly.

We had to take all the implants out and because of the damage left behind, we had to re-do it using special Zygoma Implants, which was far more expensive than if it had been done correctly in the first place. Below is his result 4 months after his revision surgery.


Brett was lucky because sometimes the damage from poorly done botched dental implants treatment can be so severe that the options become far more limited.

He regretted having it done overseas because of what he had to go through, and also the extra cost of having it fixed.


The patient whose results are pictured below spent over $60,000 on her implant treatment. She had it done at a well-known clinic that advertises these procedures widely, but which uses an older method with temporary teeth.

She wanted to get rid of her denture because it made her gag.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Other than the process taking over 4 months to complete, the implant positions were so poor that she ended up with what she described as her denture being permanently nailed to her palate, which was bulky, uncomfortable, difficult to clean, and sadly still made her gag.

This shows how important it is for the expectations of the patient to be aligned with the surgeon’s abilities.


Our patient had gum disease and received individual implants. She saw multiple specialists and it cost her over 100K. Below was her result.

Tien Interview Slides 008
Huynh Tien 05022020 Diagnostics photo 9

It took over a year to complete, and in the end she hated how it looked and had to continue dealing with recurring infections, bad smell and pain.

Within 5 years it all had to be taken out and re-done using All On 4 Plus®. Below was the result after we treated her.

MG 0012
MG 0065
MG 0010

The gumline especially looks so much better, just imagine the kind of impact this can have on a person’s confidence. This patient walked out with teeth in her mouth on the same day as her surgery.

What this shows is that All On 4 Plus is not only more predictable when it comes to aesthetics, but it could also end up being cheaper when compared to other kinds of rehabilitative restorative dental treatment or multiple individual implants.

A04plus alex

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