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Choosing the right payment option for you

High-quality treatments such as All On 4 Plus® dental implants may keep you smiling for many years. But what about the costs?

High-quality treatments such as All On 4 Plus® dental implants may keep you smiling for many years. But what about the costs? Is this advanced implant technique affordable to ordinary people? It’s certainly not a cheap-fix solution for your teeth. The upfront costs are quite steep for most patients, and health insurance rebates are usually not hugely significant.

Even so, the costs are probably more manageable than you think. If you choose a payment option that suits your budget and your needs, you may well be in a better position to afford comprehensive treatment such as All On 4 Plus® if that’s what you need, instead of addressing one issue at a time with patch up dentistry or band-aid treatment. The potential impact of getting rid of infected teeth or loose dentures on your health, confidence, and quality of life is priceless!

Basically, there are three main financing options that are available to Australian patients at most All On 4 Plus® Centres:
  • PlanZERO™ secured loan directly with the clinic
  • Access My Super for patients with pain for early release of super on compassionate/medical grounds
  • TLC finance for unsecured lending for medical and dental treatment (subject to approval)

PlanZERO™ has ZERO interest but requires a security to guaranty repayments. For other types of finance there may be a small cost and/or interest, and in the case of Super also some tax implications. However, they ease the financial burden, either by allowing you to spread the repayments over a period of time or by letting you access your super.

Let’s look at each option more closely.

1. PlanZERO™ secured loan

A secured loan means the patient uses an asset as security on the loan. The asset required for PlanZERO™ is a residential property and is a very popular payment method for patients who own property. Alternatively, the patient’s guarantor may be the owner of the property used as security.

With a secured loan, you make regular repayments over an agreed time.

A PlanZERO™ secured loan has several advantages, including:
  • Interest-free repayments. These are sometimes called ZERO-interest loans. Because the loan is secured, it gives the clinic confidence that you will be motivated to fully repay your treatment cost.
  • ZERO-cost. There are no hidden fees.
  • Patients who have a residential property or a guarantor can consider this option.
  • Patients can borrow up to 50% of the cost of the dental treatment (anaesthetic is excluded).
Some other points worth noting about secured loan direct finance include:
  • The lender has charge over the property you have used as security until you have repaid the loan in full.
  • Minimum repayment of $750 per month.
  • Maximum term of 3 years.
  • Repayments must be made on a timely basis.

How much can I borrow on PlanZERO™?


Use this calculator to estimate your repayments and term of the loan

2. Access My Super

If you have dental pain and have enough in your Super you may be eligible for an early release of your super on compassionate or medical grounds. For a small fee Access My Super can do all the paperwork and make the process easy.

The friendly and professional team at Access My Super will handle all aspects of your application and lodgement so that you can concentrate on your dental needs. In order to assist you in getting access to your super, they will ask you questions about your financial situation and if you have pain from your teeth. You can rest assured your privacy will be respected at all times.

To get your application started, all you need is the quote that will be given to you at your consultation appointment.

Advantages of using Access My Super include:
  • All Australian citizens may be eligible on compassionate grounds.
  • Access My Super can be used to help dependants.
  • There are no limits on the amount of super you can withdraw. In other words, whether the cost of your dental implants is large or small, you can withdraw the appropriate amount of money to cover the cost of treatment.
  • If you don’t have enough superannuation yourself, you may be able to access the super of your partner, spouse or a family member.
  • Approvals are fast. It generally takes about 14 days to get your Letter of Approval, and you’ll be kept up to date during the application process.

3. TLC finance

Total Lifestyle Credit (TLC) can provide payment plans ranging from $2,001 to $50,000 for your dental implant treatment.

When you apply, TLC may ask you to provide the following items:
  • Credit report
  • Recent payslips
  • Your bank account statements
  • Copies of bills or other credit contracts
The benefits of choosing TLC include:
  • Simple application process. You can do everything online or by phone.
  • Excellent customer service. TLC strives to make the process as stress-free as possible. Once your application is received, the TLC team will take care of everything for you. You’ll be notified as soon as your application is approved, and TLC will carefully explain the conditions to you.
  • Fast response time. TLC can give you access to dental care when you need it.
  • Access to the lowest interest rates for medical loans for patients with good credit scores.
  • Flexible repayment terms for up to 7 years.
  • No fees for early repayment of the loan.
  • Coverage of all fees for treatment, hospital, anaesthetist and so on.
  • Available to all eligible Australian residents.
  • Secure payment option. You will be protected by Australian consumer credit laws.

How to find out more:

If you need All On 4 Plus® dental implants and want to have it done by the best in town for a price you can afford, contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation.

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