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We answer some of the most asked questions

How long does the surgery take?

The time it takes to complete surgery depends on a number of factors. This includes how many arches you are having (either upper/ lower or upper and lower), how many existing teeth you have, jawbone condition (you might need zygoma implants/grafting). The entire process will usually take between 1 and 3 hours but will depend.

Should my remaining teeth be removed in advance?

No. You do not have to get your teeth removed in advance. If you have some remaining teeth, we will remove them during your All On 4 Plus® surgery and there is no additional cost to having remaining teeth removed. In fact, it is actually useful if a patient has some natural teeth remaining. This is because we use the natural teeth as a guide when we are placing the implants to obtain an optimal outcome.

Am I asleep for the procedure?

Yes. All patients are out under general anaesthetic (GA) when they have All On 4 Plus® treatment, therefore you won’t feel or remember anything. Our facilities are set up so that we can perform GA’s in an environment which is safe, and that the dentist is familiar with. You will have an anaesthetic nurse with you during the entire procedure to monitor and look after you.

Is it painful?

Personal experiences differ from person to person but typically pain is not a common complaint. In fact, most patients report that they have not taken the pain medication that we prescribed. Most procedures are done under general anaesthetic, so you are completely asleep, but we still use a local anaesthetic to completely numb your entire jaw to reduce the chances of post operative pain. It’s normal to feel some discomfort while you’re recovering, but over the counter pain medication is usually enough to keep you comfortable.

How many teeth do I get?

It depends if you decide to get both upper and lower or just upper/lower, but usually we will provide 12 teeth per bridge for function and ultimate aesthetics.

How long is the healing process?

Once you have the procedure, you are likely to experience swelling and potentially some bruising in the initial healing phase. This can last about a week but in some cases it can be longer. In terms of the implants, they usually take up to 4 months to fully integrate into the jawbone. During this 4 months it is crucial to stick to a soft diet, so that nothing interferes with the healing process.

Are the teeth comfortable?

The All On 4 Plus® implant system is very comfortable to wear because the teeth are fixed, meaning that they are essentially screwed into the implants. This means that they won’t move or fall out, it will feel like you have your natural teeth back.

Do the teeth look real?

Yes, absolutely. We are able to make the teeth like as natural or as perfect as you like, that is the beauty of All On 4 Plus®, you are able to create the smile of your dreams. With our technology, All On 4 Plus® Dental Implants are customised to your mouth, face and consider your desires. If you want a gap in your teeth, we can give you a gap! It’s all customisable. The teeth can be made in a variety of shades and styles and the nature of this treatment is such that we have no obstacles to design and create the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

How long will the implants last?

Dental implants themselves are permanent but the teeth do undergo and wear and tear process and on average they can last around 7 years. However, we have had patients who have had their teeth for up to 15 years or longer. It really depends on how well you look after them. But you can expect them to start showing some minor signs of wear and tear after the first 5 year or so.

Can I go to my local dentist after my treatment?

Yes. If your dentist is aware of the hygiene protocols associated with All On 4 Dental Implants, you can go back to your own dentist. However, we do recommend that you see us for your 3 week and 4 monthly check-ups as we show you how to properly clean and make sure that everything is healing well. If you find that you have some issues with your implants or teeth, it’s best to come back to see us instead of your regular dentist.

Watch our video below where dentists Dr Alex Fibishenko and Dr Fadi Yassmin explain these questions in more detail.

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