Common indications for All On 4 Plus®

Written by Dr Alex Fibishenko

All On 4 Plus® is treatment of a full arch. It can be just the top, just the bottom or both. In some situations there can be various conservative treatment options to consider in an attempt to preserve healthy teeth. However, when there is a combination of issues such as missing teeth, fragile teeth, loose teeth, gum recession and crooked teeth, there are numerous limitations and the ability to achieve a perfect smile or beautiful arrangement of the teeth is often impossible. All On 4 Plus® offers a clean canvas to enable your dentist to design and individualise the smile that you want. Below are some common indications for All On 4 Plus®.

Tooth Decay

Consumption of energy drinks, soft drinks, and sticky sweets leads to decalcification of teeth and decay.

A dry mouth can exacerbate tooth decay. It may be caused by certain conditions or medication.

Tooth decay can be treated with restorative dental work, but if the consumption of sweets is not eliminated, the decay may affect the dental work repeating the cycle and leading to loss of teeth.

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Tooth Decay - Before & After Comparison

Gum Disease

Gum disease can be hereditary, but the primary cause is the accumulation of plaque on the root surfaces of the teeth leading to inflammation and infection in the gums, ultimately resulting in loss of supporting jawbone and loose teeth.

Good hygiene and regular gum treatment are generally effective in controlling the disease, but the damage caused is often difficult or impossible to reverse.

Smoking and crowding of teeth can worsen gum disease.

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Gum Disease - Before & After Comparison

Failed Dental Work

Patients who receive extensive dental treatment remain susceptible to further deterioration if known factors are not controlled, such as hygiene, consumption of sugar, and preventative dental maintenance.

Dental work can also fail due to poor planning and/or construction with the passage of time. It is not uncommon for the cycle of treatments to continue when focusing on a specific issue each time without a definitive long-term plan, resulting in a loss of biologic tissues and loss of options.

Compariosn type 4

Failed Dental Work - Before & After Comparison


Dentures are used as an economical means to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures rely on existing teeth for support and can contribute to decay or gum disease of the supporting teeth. Full dentures rely on suction and can be particularly problematic in the lower.

Dentures often result in significant limitations with food, loss of taste, looseness and a loss of confidence. Dentures are not well tolerated in people with a gag reflex.

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Dentures - Before & After Comparison

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