All On 4 Plus® rebates

Written by Dr Alex Fibishenko

Medicare Rebate

Medicare pays a portion of your medical expenses. Whilst your dental expenses are not covered by Medicare, the Anaesthetic procedure is an outpatient medical procedure and as such you will be entitled to receive a rebate towards the Anaesthetist’s fees.

How much out of a rebate you will receive and how much out of pocket will depend on your individual Safety Net bracket as well as whether you have had other medical expenditures that bring your balance closer to the Safety Net threshold.

Once you have your All On 4 Plus® procedure, the anesthetist will invoice you separately to the dentist. Their fee is typicaly $980 for the first hour and then $440 for every half an hour following, but may change depending on the kind of surgery. Alternatively, you may receive a fixed fee quotation from the Anaesthetist. You will receive a rebate from Medicare for this fee, however, the amount of rebate you are entitled to will depend on your yearly Medicare ‘safety net’ threshold amount.

To find out what your safety net threshold is so that we can give you an estimate of the rebate to expect, you will need to contact Medicare. You may also need to register to be eligible for the safety net. Medicare can advise you of this.

The rebates explained are provided as a guide only and may vary from patient to patient, depending on safety net entitlements and Medicare rules, which change from time to time. Since there is not a set price that can be identified of exactly how much a patient can get back, it is best to contact our clinic on 1300 255 664 to discuss your options with one of our treatment coordinators.

Health Fund Rebate

If you have private health insurance you may be able to receive a small amount back if you have dental cover.

If you have General Dental cover only you will receive a partial rebate for the smaller items like extractions. There is typically no limit on how many smaller general procedures you can have and claim, but there are limits on how much is paid towards each such procedure.

Primarily, All On 4 Plus® treatment falls under ‘major dental’, which typically has an annual cap of $500 to $2,500. If you have ‘Major Dental’ your rebate will be the value of the residual remaining from your annual limit under Major Dental plus a separate rebate for the items that fall under General Dental.

Whether you get anything back at all will depend on who your private health insurer is and their own policies and terms and it is not something that we can control.

Early Release Super

Early release super may be available for patients that have pain. Strictly speaking, it is not a rebate on your treatment but a drawing on your super, which can be up to the full cost of the procedure depending on how much you have in your Super.

This has become very popular for those who have enough in their Super and who are eligible as it allows you to draw out of your super for health reasons

To find out more information:

Patients considering All On 4 Plus® and wanting to know about their potential rebate entitlements should contact us to find out how much they might be able to get back from Medicare and their Private Insurance depending on the specific treatment required.

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